The Ignite System™

The Ignite System has helped thousands achieve and grow a successful practice

The Ignite System is our most comprehensive offering providing full, hands on consulting services, where our team, works with you and your team. Together we build your brand and find you new clients, tackle problems, implement remarkable processes to handle all your workflow and we deploy technology and automate everything possible.

The Ignite System was created to help accounting and tax professionals, bookkeepers, legal professionals, and other service and sales organizations, grow a successful business. With the Ignite System, we can help you with all your marketing, technology, workflow and automation needs.

The Ignite System is a hands on, all inclusive consulting engagement where our team becomes a part of yours.

We use all our resources to help you tackle problems and build efficient systems. The Ignite System generally includes all of our other Systems (or they can be sold separately) to give you the most we can offer.

When the initial phases are complete and things are running smoothly, we continue to help, ongoing, with our 12 Stage System. where we fill needed gaps in operations, marketing and executive roles on an ongoing, monthly basis managed by a time tested pipeline of tasks and requirements. Each month, our focus and responsibilities may differ, but our commitment to you will never change.

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