Well, to start, this is knowledge base article. You are reading this article in our very own knowledge base.

The point of a knowledge base is to properly address two major issues for organizations:

1. Self help - Your customers are savvy, and they can find the answers to questions fast, if you provide them with what they need here.

2. Redundant responses - If you answer a question more often than once an hour, day, week, or month, you probably should copy and paste that response into a knowledge base article like this one. It takes seconds. Then, your customers can find it on their own, and when asked the same question again, you simply send a link to your article.

Hint: One of our clients asked me recently, "What is the knowledge base and how will we use it?" So, we added this and now we will go send a link to the client with "Here's the answer to your question...[link]." And to every other prospect or client that asks in the future.