In short, this software allows an end user or an office administrator, or any other employee or business owner to schedule appointments with one person, a group, resources such as conference rooms, and more. The best part is the software only shows available times on the person(s) calendar(s) and allows someone to book the appointment.

You can specify the following:

  • Which calendar(s) to book on
  • When to book, based on availability
  • Information required in an intake form

You can control:

  • Availability
  • Number of open slots per day or week
  • On site or online
  • Emails sent to user specific to type of appointment
  • Reminders and notifications
  • And so much more

The key benefit is not just to automate and reduce overhead, but it actually is a more pleasant experience and once you do it, it's one. The process happens in an instant and just works.