As you may have heard, we have this pretty slick prospect and client management, workflow tool. We showcase it often in WOWbinars. I'm a huge fan, because it helps us manage our clients and makes life so much easier. Our company runs very similar to an accounting or bookkeeping firm.

We call it the "Accounting Workflow System" or affectionately AWS. The system relies on several industry leading applications such as insightly, PandaDoc and Acuity Scheduling. AWS enables our clients to manage their day to day, from prospects to projects. They can manage leads, contacts, projects, workflow, both single and recurring tasks, client communications, reminders, payments, and so much more. It really works.

We're happy to show it you. You can book a consultation with us anytime by visiting

We offer our services through what has simply evolved into the Ignite System. Simply put, you hire us for a set amount each month and we do great stuff in return. We become your marketing department, your IT department and your co-CEO (someone to bounce ideas off of and deep dive into issues and challenges) too. You get a ton of experience at a great price and you get to leap obstacles and tackle challenges you never thought possible.

For some it starts with marketing. That's where we began actually. But after providing so many new clients to our customers, they asked for help with the rest. Since it was what we are great at, we help them now with technology, automation, operations, system infrastructure, business building, video, presentations, speaking, confidence building, idea shaping, focus, accountability and a few other important areas like funding, forecasting and budgeting. We always try to get the operational stuff ready, so we can get to the marketing side. It often goes back and forth for us. Sometimes we are focused on marketing, and other times we have to tackle the challenges fast business growth creates.

Whatever it is you need, if it's marketing, technology or automation, we've got you covered and all we do is work with Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Tax Pros. We know more about your industry than anyone you'll ever work with and we know our stuff too!

Who signs up for Ignite?

  • Startups who need a kickstart, guidance, clients and mentoring to launch a successful business.
  • Established pros who need to take the next leap, conquer some operational problems, growing pains, and that need a highly experienced peer level business partner to discuss ideas and explore new opportunities.
  • Experienced pros who need a kick in the...a restart. We'll help you revitalize your business, your life and make it fun to go to work again.
  • Anyone that wants to grow, ignite, tackle problems and just needs someone to talk to about how to get it all done. We'll help you avoid the pitfalls, make better, educated decisions and leap over your competitors.

What happens in Ignite?

  1. Explore: We start by learning about you, our client. We want to know almost everything, including: goals, dreams, what makes you happy?
  2. Fix: We fix what's broken, including but not limited to: focus, passion, websites, social media, brand, message, pricing, attitude, skills, and so on.
  3. Client Acquisition: Find new customers, locally, online and wherever else they might exist
  4. Closing deals: Our clients grow fast, and when they do, if you need our help to close deals, we're here for you.
  5. Confidence building (or rebuilding).
  6. Co-CEO: Our clients depend on us to act as their business partner, when needed and when we're not needed, we shut up. We also offer this as part of ongoing support.
  7. Build your model, pricing, help with hiring, partnering and even funding.
  8. Conquer client on-boarding, workflow and systems to make your office a true "firm of the future."

The best way to explore how we may work together is to take advantage of my free consultation. It's really easy, just click here and book it or visit for more information.